Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Job As Humans

The body simply does not lie. It may endure, it may adapt, and it most certainly must remain in homeostatic balance but it will always send you truthful information about how it is functioning in the hope that you will listen and adjust accordingly. 

Disease happens when we ignore those signs or worse ...suppress them.

So our job.... is to develop, nurture and maintain an intimate relationship with this miraculous and self restorative body in which we live. Coughing, fever, stomach ache, heart burn, excessive over heating or an inability to stay warm are all indications that something is not running well. In time those symptoms could lead to disease if you don't listen now. 

Headaches, muscle pain, sinus problems, back aches, digestion problems and the like should not be ignored or suppressed but investigated, experimented with, and listened to.  Coughing and sinus problems may indicate allergy to the environment, or certain foods. Nasal cleansing is helpful for symptoms, Mucinex may help calm down the symptoms, but what is really the cause of this mucous that makes you cough?  What is that mucous trying to tell you? Mucous is a communicator, listen and learn from it. Why is the immune system over reacting and is there something you can do to actually deal with the cause not just the symptoms? 

Often times the answer is yes!

 Chronic headaches and digestion problems are not normal, look into them. Consider that the food you eat could be causing these headaches or irritating your gut or stomach. What do you drink or eat every day or many days per week? Often times the body will develop a sensitivity to what you ingest most often and the inflammation cycle begins.. You can eliminate some of the obvious culprits, refined packaged food, sugars, alcohols, and the like are often the culprits. You do not  need a doctor to suggest trying a week without them to see if your symptoms dissipate. Interact with your Inner Physician and take action on your own behalf.  

This is good news!

Question:   If and when we do need diagnostic assistance how do we find a doctor who will listen with us in this way and not move to suppress and ignore symptoms or deny action?

Answer:    New breakthroughs in preventative medicine are happening more than ever now. Some docs will stay on top of new information while others will not.  Try looking for the more enlightened and research savvy doctors in the field of medicine through Functional Medicine, a progressive approach to understanding root imbalances and prevention as the Medicine of the Future! 

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