Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Human Restoration Project is vital medicine for a weary world

There is a strong healing force within all living systems that would like to magnify from within that which is reaching for health and well being. 

How do we connect with and awaken that force? 
 How can we maintain steady interaction and communication with it? 

The Human Restoration Project offers a renewed sense of inspiration to find for yourself the magnificent healing potential human beings have been endowed with from the very beginning of our evolution upon this planet. We own this potential and can learn how to re-awaken it from the sleep of cultural myths and outdated information. Let us rise up and remember how to live in harmony with the natural order of the very earth that created us. 

The Human Restoration Project..... 
                                                               Rise up and return to health and vibrancy! 

The Human Restoration Project offers a map that honors both natural law and individual preference to restore us to our rightful place as strong, healthy, robust people.

We've been depleted for too long, and we are the only ones who can save us now.

  • Through proper care and maintenance of the body, mind and spirit shake off inertia and confusion and learn how to awaken your inner physician.     
  • Learn about yourself through Deep Listening  
  • Reduce chronic inflammation through proper nourishment and watch your health return  
  • Understand posture and how it reflects your state of mind
  • Begin breathing naturally again and release old thoughts that no longer represent who you really are
  • Understand how your thoughts change your chemistry  
  • Artful Living can change the way you see the world, learn how to restore your powers of perception
  • Resiliency plays a role in your inner landscape, build it with your innate human powers of adaptability and watch how your life changes  
  • Spend time on the earth every day and allow the earth's electro- magnetic field to restore lost electrons and reduce oxidative stress. (Among countless other things that will be restored by the earth)
  • Move your body every day & remember what it feels like to be strong enough to weather any storm 
  • Make better choices in the food you eat. Refrain from eating poison 
  • Respect our human-born endowment of Free Will ~~~ Choose wisely and flourish! 
  • Learn to Be Still
  We own this potential, learn how to re-awaken it from the sleep of cultural myths and outdated information. Become part of The Human Restoration Project and remember who you are. 

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