Thursday, May 15, 2014


How do you relax?

Can you get there? Can you consciously - when you want to - put yourself into a state of total surrender and ease? Can you relax? 

I was such a tense teenager, and I carried that into early adulthood with insomnia, teeth clenching, headaches and tight muscles. My mind was always "on." I can still go there, and it takes practice and consistency to commit to relaxing.

 I can tell you for sure, relaxation is the single most important thing I have ever learned. The quality of my body and mind informs literally my entire life. 

Most of us have trained ourselves to re-act instantly at the least provocation, we don't really know how to dial-it -down. Unless maybe while sleeping. Although many of us need help to go to sleep (in the form of a sleeping pill or anti anxiety meds) we have lost our innate ability to rest, consciously and at will, to rest. Watch your pets...those guys know how to chill!! Let them help you, watch them and learn from them. Animals of course,  are not on the phone constantly, they are never stuck in rush hour traffic, they don't have bills to pay, kids to put through college, and any one of a myriad of other happenings of modern life, that drive us to hyper vigilance. It does not mean we should resign ourselves to lives of constant strain and no no. 

Human systems are not meant to sustain tension and hyper vigilance over long periods of time. The bottom line is, being unable to relax wears away the central nervous system and leads to stress disorders that impede the natural flow of life through the body and mind.

One of the major foundations of The Human Restoration Project is to get serious about relaxation. To re-train the central nervous system to go from hyper alert, to calm and aware. 

The Master Elements of this practice are:

  • YOGA 
  •  ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT IS (don't worry....that one takes time do not fret at the thought of it)

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