Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chew Your Food!

If you've been following this blog since early January you're walking more, maybe even up hill on occasion.  Eating fewer packaged and processed foods and you've cut down on sugary soft drinks -- right??

How do you feel? 

  • Are you less bloated and tired after you eat?
  • Sleeping better?
  • Energy levels more stable?

We are re-building your temple here so lets keep at it with more simple tips for adhering to the Natural Law of Being Human


So often I see people stuff food into their mouths, chew 3 or 4 times and swallow the mouthful with large chunks of food still left in tact. 

There are digestive enzymes in the saliva, that are designed to begin the digestive process before food ever gets swallowed. Making digestion more efficient is a good idea right? Gas, bloating, Irritable Bowel, indigestion etc...are not mandatory outcomes of aging.  You can have a different outcome with one simple practice!


Make it mush in your mouth before you swallow and your entire digestive tract will sigh with relief.

A few benefits of chewing:    

Ever seen one of these guys chew? Masters!

  • Chewing breaks your food down from large particles into smaller particles that are more easily digested
  • Well chewed food particles allow nutrients to be absorbed and used as energy faster and easier
  • Chewing your food well prevents improperly digested food from entering your blood and causing a wide range of adverse effects to your health, like inflammation and blood toxicity

With your next meal try chewing until the food is mushy, some say 40 times but I'd rather enjoy my meal than count every bite. I think it is enough to say, chew your food until it is mush. You will be fuller, eat less, and absorb vital nutrients much easier.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Why not give it a try?

The Human Restoration Project