Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Meaningful Journey To Health

I often feel the fear and resistance that comes up when suggesting life style change is medicine to the people I see in my practice.

Changing our food habits are among the most difficult things we can do, because our eating habits are so intricately linked to our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and the world.

The same goes for exercise.
So don't make your body a waste dump

Move more eat less!!

Eating less food of better quality and moving the body more -  are the most simple equations for preventing disease. It is a fact, a truth and the only way to PREVENT disease.

I am not talking about marginally treating disease once it arrives, (ugh so passé), I am talking about preventing certain diseases from ever landing in your body to begin with.

Clean Metabolic Pathways

Keeping our metabolic pathways clear as we age can prevent or slow down the onset of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes,  digestive illness, stiffness in the joints, and a host of other degenerative diseases.  Research

 By metabolic pathways I mean, blood vessels, and the vessels in and out of organs, and the organs themselves. Bodily fluids as well need to be kept clean, meaning lymph fluids and pathways, and the blood itself must be kept clean of debris, plaque build up and other kinds of metabolic waste.

How Do We Do This?

What contributes to metabolic waste and sluggishness in the lymph, organs and capillaries?

JUNK FOOD also known as: "The Standard American Diet"

 Eating rich, heavy foods clog up the small tubules and pathways within the human body, thereby slowing the ability of the body to remove waste efficiently due to less space in those metabolic pathways and organs.

Plaque in the brain? Dementia and Alzheimer's. Plaque in the arteries? Stroke, or heart attack.
Plaque in the organs?  Name your "itis" pancreatitis, arthritis, or how about fatty liver disease, or gall stones?

There are other less life threatening
but life altering symptoms of junk in the byways of the human fluid and eliminatory pathways as well:

Joint stiffness
Weight gain
Irritable bowel Disease
Tooth Decay
General malaise
Loss of vigor,  memory, joy and motivation.

To be more specific stay away from these substances as early in life as possible: 

Sugar and all it's guises  (alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, processed carbohydrates etc..)

Processed fats (look for key words on food labels like  saturated fat, partially hydrogenated oil, trans fats etc..) these fats cause inflammation and raise the kind of cholesterol that causes arterial blockage.

Eat at home more and buy local produce organically grown. Simple!

Restaurant food should be a treat! Not an every day thing. It is rich, full of junk and there is no way of knowing the source of the food you are eating when you eat out.

Stay tuned for the upside of all of this later this week
when we explore what the title of this blog means with
the words "Meaningful Journey to Health"

After giving up the only gets better!

To your Health

The Human Restoration Project