Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blending Relaxation with Art

Happy Fall!

I hope this finds you making savory stews, soups and sauces to warm and support your system as we shift into fall. Here's one of my favorite links to recipes to warm the soul:

Everyday Paleo Soups and Stews

The body recognizes the changes in light, and the dropping temperatures just like any other living thing. To fortify and get ready for the dark of winter cold is something all beings would be wise to acknowledge and adhere to.

So eat warming foods, amp up your intake of spices that warm like cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger. This will cleanse the mucous membranes and protect you a bit from those early winter colds.

Get some acupuncture, a massage or take a hot yoga class, your body/mind will thank you for it.

I will be at the wonderful Galisteo Studio Tour the weekend of Oct 17th, 2015. Come on by and get your circulation moving with a little chair massage and a stretch!!

Here's the link  Galisteo Studio Tour

Galisteo is the perfect place for Restoration and the Temple of Entrada will soothe your senses and bring a smile to your face. Come on by!

The Human Restoration Project